The CS2 design is engineered for race cars producing up to
2500 HP.  The CS2 is a smaller and lighter version of the CS1.  We recommended the CS2 for use when space is at a minimum.  The CS2 is available with up to five speeds and 12 first gear ratios.  The CS2 planetary gear size is 3/4". The CS2 is ideal for heavier Pro Mod cars, pullers and mud bog machines.    All shafts are available in Marage or 300M material.
CS2 2-speed
1 magnesium case.
Handles up to 2500 HP.
Suggested for supercharged cars, boats, pullers, mud boggers and nitrous oxide assisted machines where available space is at a minimum and a tight fit a necessity. 
Air or lever shift .

CS2 3-speed
2 magnesium cases.
Handles up to 2500 HP.
Widely used in Top Dragster, supercharged alcohol, supercharged gasoline cars and boats. Small size helps solve fit constraints while still giving reliable LENCO strength and repeatability.  Air or lever shift.

CS2 4-speed
3 magnesium cases.
Handles up to 2500 HP.
Recommended for heavier nitrous oxide or supercharged machines when space is at a premium.  Popular with Pro Mod racers. 
Air or lever shift.

CS2 5-speed
4 magnesium cases
Handles up to 2500 HP.
Recommended for Pro Stock, Comp eliminator,
10.5 tire cars and similar classes.  With five forward speeds you can tailor the five ratios to fit your unique power band needs. Especially well suited for narrow rpm range and close tolerance engine/clutch tuning.
Air or lever shift.

We offer a variety of lightening procedures for internal rotating mass and suggest you call and discuss your exact application and requirements.  All of our transmissions are purpose built and there is no “Off the shelf, one size fits all” LENCO.   As with all LENCO transmissions the CS2  may be shifted with CO2 or manually.  Cast magnesium case is standard.
Reverse unit
Magnesium case.
Mates to CS1, CS2 or CS3 transmission.
5 1/2” long, manual shift only.