Engineered for 1200 HP

Air or Lever Shift

Ford, GM, MoPar Patterns

Aluminum Housing

5 First Gear Ratios

2,3,4,5 or 6 Speeds

Low Shift Pressure
Reverse Lockout

Neutral Position

16 or 32 spline output
Heavy duty
hex stock
featuring large
reverse lock-out
is standard and included with all ST1200 transmissions. 

The LENCO ST1200 transmission has been specifically designed and engineered for severe duty street/strip applications. 
The ST1200 gives you the advantage of LENCO brute strength
at a lesser price than our full race units. 
The ST1200 is pure LENCO through and through and is ideally suited for nitrous, blown, injected and carbureted engines producing up to 1200 HP and 900 lb ft of torque.   
As with all LENCO transmissions the ST1200 is a planetary design and comes with up to 6 forward speeds.  Shift with either our patented
multi lever system or with the optional, more compact CO2 setup.
Multiple speeds are achieved through utilization of multiple cases. 
CLICK HERE for an overview explanation of how a LENCO transmission works. 
The ST1200 is available with all popular
bellhousing patterns - Ford, GM, MoPar and our own five-bolt design.  You may choose any conventional input shaft spline.  
We are able to offer the ST1200 StreetStrip at lower cost than our pure race CS1, CS2 and CS3 designs since we use 8620 steel instead of 9310 material for the ST1200 gears.  8620 is a premium quality material that will provide excellent service for 1200 HP hot rods.  9310 steel would be used in Pro Stock, Pro Mod and other similar applications where substantially more HP, torque and tire plant  is generated.  We supply premium grade bearings in the ST1200 instead of the much more expensive aerospace-spec bearings as used in our race transmissions.  The ST1200 comes with aluminum cases instead of the magnesium style race units.
Air shift
set-up is
for shifter components page.
Drive your hot rod to the track, the winner's circle,
cruise the boulevard then home with your LENCO ST1200
Drive your hot rod to the track, the winner's circle,
cruise the boulevard then home with your LENCO ST1200