CS1 Standard Design
The Standard Design LENCO is our largest and strongest transmission.  Most often seen in supercharged alcohol and mega HP nitrous cars the CS1 Standard Design LENCO is also commonly used by Pro Mod machines and blown nitro and blown alcohol drag boats.

The LENCODRIVE is the automatic answer for people who prefer torque converter/automatic transmission applications.  A perfect replacement for expensive breakage prone Powerglides, Turbos, C4, C6 style and Torqueflite transmissions.

CS2 and  CS3 New Generation
The CS2 and CS3 New Generation LENCO racing transmission is a smaller, lighter and more compact version of our
CS1 Standard Design.

Boat Transmissions and Boat clutches
Purpose designed and produced for drag, ski and river boat requirements. 

ST1200 Street Strip
The ST1200 is the LENCO for Pro Street and street/strip applications.   This transmission can be used
to drive your hot rod to work Monday through Friday and then to the dragstrip and the winnerís circle on weekends. 

Gear Ratio Reducer
LENCO Gear Reduction unit is used in conjunction with our CS1 Standard Design and CS2 and CS3 New Generation transmissions in order to employ tall rear gears with the advantage of a short launch ratio. 

The LENCO transmission family
Seven different designs engineered to harness up to 2500 HP